What is Bionite?

Bionite was designed specifically to boost our body’s own natural ability to protect ourselves from external harmful influences and, in particular, the modern scourge of Electro Magnetic Radiation.

It is an all natural orgonite with added gem stones and herbs and produces a much more powerful natural field than the average commercial epoxy resin orgonite. It has been shown by various means to increase the body’s natural energy and aura which protects ourselves from extraneous harmful forces.

Bionite differs from most of the systems that claim to neutralise the transmissions of Wi-Fi and other Electro Magnetic Radiations (EMRs) by providing extra natural protection for the person rather than by trying to artificially neutralise Wi-Fi frequencies

It was specifically designed in an urban environment full of various EMRs, different Wi-Fi circuits and mobile transmissions where sleep became impossible due to the presence of these EMRs. The use of Bionite provides the extra natural protection for the body rather than by trying to artificially neutralise Wi-Fi frequencies.

In an experiment using crystals to protect a person from negative energies, the introduction of Bionite by the person on whom the experiment was being conducted markedly improved that person’s resistance to the effect of negative energies.

Bionite is the only biological orgone anti-radiation sender on the market, with orgone fields much stronger than those of orgonite.

The base material has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for 3000 years.

Bionite Attributes

  • Bionite products use non-toxic natural base material instead of poisonous epoxy resin and hardeners
  • Bionite is relatively inexpensive
  • Bionite interacts with and nourishes our natural energy field on a deep level and can actually repair severe radiation complaints as extreme as Electro Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS).
  • Bionite orgon fields have been confirmed with Kirlian photography, PIP (NEV) photography and indirectly with a simple Hertz field detector. Bionite has reduced them to zero in tests.
  • Bionite re-starts our natural detoxification mechanism after being blocked by radiation (radiation blocks the cell communication and therefore are natural mechanism to rid ourselves of toxins).
  • Bionite are handmade with care. They are not designed to look as beautiful as many orgonite products for sale online do but to improve health and restore wellbeing on the one hand and protect you from more damage.
  • Bionite products are reported by many users to restore a feeling of rest and relaxation in their homes.

Bionite Product List

  • Bionite Sleep Natural

Developed to strongly reduce the sleep disturbing side effects of Wi-Fi, mobile phones and other radiation. For regaining your natural sleep in the wireless era For adult users.

  • Bionite meditation

Excellent meditation and de-stress energy. Recommended as a set of two. Also suitable for children’s rooms, therapy rooms and yoga centres. Releases tensions, locked up fears and stress in the heart chakra.

  • Bionite Energy

For people with an active sex life. To be used during love making and afterwards for quicker recuperation. Stimulates the sacral chakra and stimulates the jing-qi.

  • Bionite City Disc

This is the best selling Bionite product and offers protection during the day against EMRs and Wi-Fi as their health damaging effects are everywhere.

  • Bionite 24 Hours

These are used inside a house or office for general improvement. It buffers radiation from neighbours’ or others’ radiation sources. Many customers report an oasis effect – their home feels like a place of peace and rest again. It helps to restore damage from radiation. Often used in multiples.

  • Bionite Water Orgoniser

This re-informs water and organizes it. Place a glass of bottle of water on top of it and wait for 10 or 15 minutes dependent on the quantity and the water is soft, energised and cleansed from negative influences.

  • Bionite Junior

This can be used in children’s’ rooms as a child version of the Sleep Natural Bionite. It can also be used by adults as extra support for the Sleep Natural Bionite in bedrooms with a more than average EMR pollution. Soft and gentle energy.

  • Bionite Sleep Natural Femina

Especially developed for women with hot flushes or PMS problems during the night. This product has a lingering effect on the complaints. It is programmed with hormone balancing minerals that inform the orgone field.

  • Bionite Femina Disc

This is for women with hot flushes, PMS or other menstrual problems to soften the peaks during the day and while at work. These extra qualities are added to the standard qualities of the Bionite City Disc.

  • Bionite Stomach Disc

This disc was developed to address the complaints of people with digestive problems. The orgone field is informed to harmonise one’s stomach and bowels. As an extra effect, the disc is reported to stimulate our capacity to remember dreams and/or lucid dreaming when placed next to one’s bed.