I have used Matthew’s services twice in the last year, the first time on our house, the second on a project I was managing.

Prior to having the work done on our house, everything we did seemed like walking through treacle. My career was effectively on hold and every effort to move forward seemed to get thwarted. Our home life was reasonable but we seemed to always be slightly at odds in terms of how we wanted to be as a family. Since the work was carried out my career has taken off and our family relationships have thrived. Our general health seems to have improved greatly as well.

Earlier this year I was managing a project that was plagued with delays and issues. Equipment failures, work crews fighting, disputes with local residents, you name we had it. I felt a sense of despair that the project would not be successful and called on Matthew to help. Matthew worked all weekend to effect a change. The project was cursed (Matthew lifted this curse) and also affected by misaligned energy which Matthew realigned. The change was immediate and dramatic. From that point we had no further problems, calm prevailed and all the workforce teamed up to ensure that the project was delivered on time. The project finished on deadline day and was a success thanks to Matthew.

You absolute star! Bless you!
I have just got in the house and I could tell, I then saw you had sent me an email and I did wonder. I feel heady and light as I walk around. It is wonderful!
I’m not sure what time you did it but I got lots of work done today and then went to a yoga class which I haven’t been bothered to do for weeks and weeks! Even the cat seems quite happy.
The room I notice it in the most is the front living room, it looks and feels lighter, I can almost feel the lifeforce energy, tingling through my skin.
I cannot thank you enough Matt.

Matt is very easy to talk to and generous with his help. Any queries I had about filling out the questionnaire he helped me with immediately.

I lived in an 18th century house in Somerset for many happy years. The house is a fine merchant’s house with lots of history. I never told anyone but in certain rooms I felt uneasy, not frightened, but disquieted perhaps. I was very fond of the house and particularly the garden but I was most interested to be introduced to Matt and learn about his dowsing gift.

My house was on the market for nearly a year with no takers but then Matt dowsed the house and I can honestly say I felt a new energy almost ‘lift’ the atmosphere in my home. Within a few weeks the house was sold and I swear it was due to Matt’s skill in dowsing.

You lifted my spirits and helped the house sell

There is much more going on in this world than we can see, hear or understand. Living with negative forces will only make our lives more difficult, and if someone like Matt can deal with them for us and create a positive living space, it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. I have recommended Matt to several people already and we are all blown away by what he is able to do.

Matt’s service is very professional. He has been very supportive and understanding of what it’s like to live in a stressed house.

Matt is extremely professional and thorough in his work practices, keeping strong boundaries between what is ethical and what could be invasive. He goes beyond what other dowsers have done for our extremely ‘tricky’ house in trying to help us to resolve the problems and already our home feels ‘happier’. Our home was over energetic and needed a thorough clean-up. It feels so much calmer as do I.

I had discussed previously with Matt the very high incidence of tragedies and deaths in the street, and within a very concentrated area in which we live. This included 9 friends and neighbours that died (mainly cancers) and 1 suicide. A few more people diagnosed with cancers, and a further neighbour with alcohol problems which lead to loss of her family, after an offence in which she went to prison. It was not only worrying to myself but also many of the local residents and neighbours and I along with others felt that there must be negative energies around and within the street and possibly within the house. It felt that there were some kind of dark forces/unexplained bad vibes and Matt offered to check this.

On a personal level within my family (2 teenagers and myself) there seemed to be a lot of discord, stress and arguing. This was often more than the usual teenage squabbles, and my daughter seemed to become very withdrawn, depressed, and unhappy and my son became verbally aggressive. It was not a peaceful home at the time, and this also felt like negative energy was sapping us. On other occasions we always seemed to have problems/issues and setbacks, and nothing flowed easily.

Matt was given a plan of the house and worked remotely on areas that he identified as having detrimental energy. He reported back his view of where these areas were. Strangely enough we started to have urges to clean these areas even before Matt had come back to us and told us where. There was a concentration running through one area of the house, on 3 storeys and unknowingly we had rearranged furniture and cleaned out the cupboards in these areas.

Almost straight away the atmosphere in the house became much more genial and both my children became happier and almost jovial. They began to join back in with activities within the house, made much more conversation, helped with any jobs, and were really pleasant to be around. This has continued to this day and certainly makes for a happier less stressful life.

On a personal level therefore, I really believe that the work Matt has performed has helped greatly. It has renewed our happiness as a family. I also believe that we are protected from negative energy and stresses, and our lives, health, and house benefit from the changes Matt put into place.


Thank goodness through your exemplary work Matt I know that my flat is not responsible for my recent poor health.


Matt used his remarkable distant dowsing skills on my French apartment for sale which had remained stuck with hardly a viewing for over a year. Having checked and re-balanced its energies (he found two strong negative lines of energy and much more) he advised me to change my agent and to put some crystals in strategic places. Matt also gave me some advice as to what kind of negative energies I am susceptible to, which was very helpful. Within a couple of weeks I had three different people interested in buying and am very happy to report that I have just received the money for the sale in my bank account! Thank you Matt for rescuing a stagnant situation and allowing me to move on with my life!